There are many ways your church can be involved:

New Creation Bible Church
Dallas Baptist Assoc. Crossroad Unwinding Mount Hebron Baptist Church

Financially Some churches have chosen to support the ministry by including CMWJC in their annual budget. Some have given a "one time" gift. Your church may want to help by providing resources for material needs of clients such as bus passes, dental work, eyeglasses, childcare, etc..

Bible Study Your church could offer a regular Bible Study program for ladies in your area who have completed our Life Skills/Job Readiness classes and need ongoing study group.

Networking Members of your church who own businesses and would be open to hiring a participant or allowing a participant "intern" while learning a job skill would be a great benefit to our program. Also, any professionals who could offer their time and expertise on a limited basis (medical, legal, automotive repair, etc.) could provide a much needed service. Our desire is to set up a comprehensive network to meet the physical and spiritual needs of these women as they make the transition from being dependent to being self-sufficient.